Electro-Muscular Stimulation

EMS technology is a system primarily used for carrying out a whole body workout. In everyday life our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscle actions. EMS uses this natural principle and is able to intensify this process to reach deeper muscle layers that are difficult to activate through conventional training. Using electrodes that are directly placed over the major muscles, 90% as opposed to 30% of the muscles are contracted simultaneously. These muscle contractions are of higher quality and more intense than a voluntary exertion can do alone. EMS training activates deep muscle groups that lead to strength gains, balance amongst the muscles in the body, muscle toning and increased core stability. EMS is a total body workout that is safe, fast and extremely effective. This workout can be up to 18 times more effective than a conventional workout, and it only takes 20 minutes!

FIT IN is a platform from which we all can achieve optimum health, strength and thus the fullness of life. Exercise is a necessity and with all of our lively demands, exercise often gets put aside. Workouts require an extensive expenditure of time to enhance even one single ability, however by using EMS, one can achieve a genuine, full body workout with low stress on joints, in just 20 minutes. EMS technology is applicable to all adult age groups and fitness levels, it is safe and works with individual ability.

"EMS has changed my way of training, my body and my life. Give me 20 minutes to FIT IN to your day, and let's change yours."

Jessica Hamilton - Owner / Operator


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